Administration department at the Local Governments plays a role of  implementing and monitoring of government programmes at the respective levels. The civil service is headed by the Chief Administrative Officer, under are nine Departments headed by Departmental heads.

The organizational structure of the district administration department is as follows respectively; CAO, DCAO, Principal Assistant secretary, personal secretary CAO, Principal HRO, Human Resource Officer, Senior Resource Officer, Principal Internal Auditor, Communication Officer, IT Officer, Senior Internal Auditor, Senior Procurement Officer, Procurement Officer, Senior Records Officer, Assistant records Officer, Senior Assistant secretary and Office Attendants.


  • Coordinated, efficient and effective service delivery


  • A public services that is professional, transparent, accountable and capable of delivering services to transform the community.

Development Goal: 

  • To coordinate, supervise and develop capacity for effective and efficient service delivery that focus on national and local priorities

Strategic objective: 

  • To promote democratic and accountable local government and to contribute to the maintenance of law and order in the district