Nabilatuk District is one of the Districts which were pronounced by the 9th Parliament and it became operational on the 1st July 2018. It was curved from Nakapiripirit District.Located in the Southern part of Karamoja Sub-region, It is bordered by Moroto District in the North, Nakapiripirit in the South and East, Napak and Katakwi in the West.

 It has an area of about 3,117 sq. km with a projected total population of 111,700 (Males: 54,300 and Females: 57,400). The Community in Nabilatuk are predominantly agro pastoralists Speaking Ngakarimojong known as the Pian.

Administrative Units

The District is comprised of 5 Sub-Counties and 1 Town Council namely; Lorengedwat,Lolachat,Natirae,Nabilatuk,Kosike and Nabilatuk Town Council. 

Under the Health Sector, The District has 6 health facilities including; 1 HCIV, 2 HCIIIs, 3 HCIIs one is PNFP while In the Education Sector, The Department has 16 primary schools Government Aided, 3 Secondary schools and no tertiary institution.

Nabilatuk district is endowed with the following minerals ; Zinc Asbestos, Gold, Murram Sand and Petroleum belt from Moroto. Much of the landscape is covered with natural scrubs of Savannah nature with artificial woodlot