Nabilatuk District has a fully functional Education Department headed by the District Education Officer Mr. Korobe Raymond who is substantively appointed. The other positions filled include;
the District Inspector of School,Inspector of School,Senior Education Officer,Sports Officer and Education Officer Special needs.
The Department has a number of sectors including; Inspectorate,Guidance and Counselling,Sports and Special needs

Primary Schools

  • The District has 16 primary schools and these include; Nabilatuk Township,Cucu,St TheresaAcegeretolim,Lokaala,Natapararengan in Nabilatuk Sub-County,Kosike and Napongae in Kosike Sub-County,Lolachat,Natirae,Lorukumo,Nakuri,Sakale,Domoye in Lolachat Sub-County ,Lorengedwat P/s,Naweet and Kamaturu in Lorengedwat Sub-County3 secondary Schools without any Tertiary institutions.


  • As of Dec 2022,.The district has a gross enrollment ratio( Males) 6,327 while females is 6,043.
  • Pupil: Desk Ratio is 8:1
  • Pupil:Teacher Ratio 47:1 represented by  12,370 Vs 262 Teachers
  • Pupil: Stance Ratio( Male) 109 :1 indicating a ratio of 6327 :58
  • Pupil: Stance Ratio(Female) 78:1 indicating a ratio of  6,043:77
  • Attendance Rate is at 50.2%.6,204/12,370)
  • Functional SMC 15/16 (94%)

In 2022,a total of 263 candidates sat for the Primary Leaving Examinations and the performance was as follow;

  • 7 in Divison 1
  • 103 in Division 2
  • 43 in Division 3
  • Division 4 30
  • 11 in Division u while 69 were in Division x


  • The District works in Partnership with a number of implementing Partners who have supported the Department including UNICEF,Straight Talk Foundation,Trail Blazers Mentoring Foundation, Voluntary Services Overseas( VSO), Andre Foods International(AFI),World Food Programme,C&D,Welt Hunger Hilfe,Save The Children International,Caritas Moroto among others.