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  1. The Service is hereby informed that the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders which were last revised in 2010 have been reviewed and updated to bring them in consonance with the current Human Resource Management Practices and Policy/Legal Frameworks.

  2. The Standing Orders shall be referred to as the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders 2021 Edition.

Responsible Officers are therefore obliged to:-

  1. Ensure that all staff under their control are aware of the provisions in the Standing Orders;
  2. Ensure that all staff comply with the provisions of the Standing Orders;
  3. Consult the Responsible Permanent Secretary on all issues requiring clarification or interpretation.
  1. All Public Officers are reminded that they are bound by the Standing Orders and should therefore acquaint themselves with all the provisions therein, as ignorance of any provision shall not be an excuse for non compliance.

  2. In case of conflict between the Standing Orders and Ministry/Department/Agency/Local Government Instructions, the Standing Orders shall take precedence.