The Trade, Industry and Local Economic Development Department is the Local Government arm aimed at facilitating processes of wealth creation and increasing citizens’ income levels. The department is key to help in operationalization of Local Economic Development Policy. The Department plays a key role in; trade development and promotion, enterprise development services, tourism promotion, industrial development services and farmer mobilization for cooperative formulation. In Nabilatuk District, the department has spearheaded organizing business groups into registered associations and helping them form SACCOS. Currently there are more than 3 registered SACCOs operating in Nabilatuk District with membership of about 700 members. Out of the 3 SACCOs, 2 are very active and well performing including; Nabilatuk Teachers’ SACCO and Lorengedwat. The Department profiled JUA Khalis (Small and Medium Enterprises) through an assessment of 30 enterprises. Emyooga About 12 groups have been registered in Nabilatuk District Some of these include; Salon operators, Produce dealers, Tailors, Mechanics, Restaurant owners, Youths, Women, PWDS, Veterans amongst others.  



The Emyooga programme is a Presidential initiative on wealth and job creation. The programme targets Ugandans, especially in the informal sector, that come together in form of savings and credit co-operative societies.Nabilatuk has 110 group Associations and 12 registered SACCOs under this programme.

The breakdown of the beneficiary groups include;Lolachat Sub-County has 43 Groups,Nabilatuk Town Council 21 groups ,Lorengedwat 15 while Nabilatuk Sub-County has 31 groups.

The District has so far received 380 million under this programme.50 million was dibursed to local leaders while 30 million was given to each enterprise SACCO.

A total of 16 million has been recovered under this programme out of the 380 million that was disbursed to the District.

Parish Development Model

Nabilatuk District has 24 parish SACCOs which are e-registered by the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development and the Ministryof Trade and Cooperatives under the PDM.22 groups have received funding worth 25 million per SACCO while 2 groups didnot receive funds due to some errors during e-registration.However,the 2 groups have been re-submitted and are awaiting funds.

Currently training of PDM SACCO group exececutives is on-going in the District.

Important to note,Natoopojo and Moruangibuin parishes were not gazzetted for PDM  by the Ministry of Local Government