The Department of Health is headed by the Ag. District Health Officer Dr. Peter Lokwang.The District has 6 facilities including; 1 HCIV, 2 HCIIs,and 3HCIIIs including 1 PNFP and these include;Nabilatuk HCIV,Lorengedwat HCIII,Lolachat HCIII,Nayonai-Angikalio HCII,Natirae HCII and Nabilatuk Mission HCII(PNFP).

Currently the staffing level is at 64%.

During the Annual performance of the Districts conducted by the Ministry of Health (2022),Nabilatuk District was ranked no. 51/ 135 in the District League Table with a score of 71.1% and it performed slightly better than the previous year where the District was ranked no. 53/135.


  • Surveying and titling of  land in all Health Facilities.
  • Placenta Pit at Nabilatuk HCIV
  • 4 Stance Drainable pitlatrine at Nabilatuk HCIV