This department at District Level is Headed by the District Production Officer. Together he is assisted by the Senior Agricultural Staff as well as Senior Animal and Veterinary Staff at the lower Local Governments.

Under the decentralization form of Government in Uganda, the function of the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) that has been transferred to Local Governments is agricultural extension service that is being provided by National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) Organization, currently Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) (LDC, 1995; LDC, 2004).
However, the Sector is also mandated to implement the following key functions of MAAIF in Local Governments (MAAIF, 2010):

  • Control of epidemic diseases, pests and parasites affecting crops, animals and fish: this includes reporting, investigations, diagnosis, surveillance, vaccination and treatment;
  • Enforcing Agricultural laws and regulations (including those pertaining to livestock and fisheries subsectors: controlling inter – District movement of animals and animal products, enforcing quarantine restrictions and animal welfare issues);
  • Carrying out inspection and certification of agricultural inputs such as agro – biological and animal feeds;
  • Ensuring Veterinary Public Health: control of Zoo noses, ensuring hygiene of livestock products;
  • Registration and licensing of traders in agricultural chemicals, seeds, livestock and fishing;
  • Carrying out quality assurance (technical) audit under NAADS;
  • Agricultural statistics.