This depsrtment is headed by the CFO [Chief Finance Officer]. However he is assisted by a team of the Accountants in executing tasks. Finance department comprises of administration, revenue, budgeting, expenditure and accounts.

Department Goal

  • To improve the management and accountability of the financial resources of the district.

The primary roles of the department include;

  • Ensuring proper management of finances / enforce compliance with the LGFAR and other relevant laws and guidelines
  • Ensuring that proper books of accounts are maintained and financial statements are produced to facilitate informed decision making
  • Mobilizing sufficient Revenue to finance service delivery
  • To coordinate and ensure Annual Budget is prepared and approved by Council
  • To provide fixed assets relevant to facilitate implementation of activities

Strategic Objective: To collect and manage all revenues of the council to ensure that the planned service delivery levels are adequately met.

Services offered

  • The department is largely a service department
  • Collection of revenue and availing it various departments
  • Provision of financial advice to the district council and the various organs of council.