This department is Headed by the District Natural Resource Officer. However, it is Currently heased by the Ag. DNRO who is the Senilor Land Management Officer at the District. It comprises of the Physical Planner, the Land Surveyor, the Senior Enviroment Officer and the Forestry Team.

Mandate: To implement the National Environment Management policy and the National Wetland Management Policy

Goal: To coordinate and effectively administer the sectors under natural resources (Forestry, Wetlands, Environment, Land management and infrastructure planning /physical Planning)

To sustainably advise and guide the management and utilization of the natural resource base in an efficient and transparent manner with systems that promote adherence to the relevant laws and regulations.

Strategic Objectives

  • Ensure data collection and good records management in all the sectors managing the natural resource base
  • Mainstream the implementation of regulations and guidelines for the management of natural resources in development.
  • Involvement of NGOs and CBOs for in depth outreach and sensitization of masses for better livelihoods and sustainable natural resource management

Departmentsal Projects

  • Restoration of fragile ecosystems
  • Fragile ecosystem boundary demarcation and marking
  • Dissemination of cleaner production techniques

Services Offered

  • Offer technical advice on appropriate environment management at all levels
  • Offer environment education services
  • Conduct monitoring and appraisal of development activities.


Land Management Office

Goal: To achieve sustainable and equitable socio-economic development through optimal land management and utilization.

Objective: To raise public awareness and promote enjoyment of land rights

Services Offered

  • Facilitate the registration of unregistered land
  • Cause surveys
  • Cause boundary opening
  • Adjudication of land related disputes
  • Register caveats, mortgages and other related interests in land
  • Provide searches on registered land